Grayrigg CE School - Start Small Think Big


Everyone at Grayrigg is incredibly proud of the ethos we have created for the wonderful children in our care.

It is an ethos where every child is nurtured and valued for their own uniqueness. Our school is not about expecting children to conform, but about inspiring every child to be the best person they can possibly be: Academically; Personally; Spiritually; Socially and Morally.

We celebrate our rural setting through using our stunning new outdoor facilities along with our two forest classrooms as often as possible. Teaching problem solving, endurance and risk taking through adventurous activities with our resident expert. We also recognise that there is a world beyond our rural community; through ensuring all children are given the opportunity to explore cosmopolitan environments including London and that they appreciate the diverse world in which we live, through links with Cheffe School in Ethiopia and friends around the world.

Our school family reaches beyond those who attend the school: parents; community members; links with the church and the local toddler group make Grayrigg CE Primary School a very special place at the heart of both the local community and the wider community, who choose to travel to Grayrigg from the surrounding areas so that their child can experience, the unique, individual and inspirational experience on offer here at Grayrigg CE Primary School.


Our vision at Grayrigg is fulfilled through celebrating every child in our care as a unique and wonderful individual that God created: recognising that every child was created with their own personality, talents and skills which we have been given the opportunity to nurture and inspire.

We will:

Inspire every child to reach further than they ever thought they could in all they do academically and personally. We strive to ensure every child has the opportunity to excel. We celebrate every unique journey of learning through values of hope, endurance and courage.

Inspire every child to look beyond what they already know encouraging children to have confidence to explore the wider world though the values of respect, justice and compassion with the confidence to tackle local, national and global issues, preparing them for the ever changing world.

Inspire every child to be confident to lead: ensuring every child has the opportunity to view themselves as a leader having the confidence and courage to be the change, to recognise that they can make a difference and can inspire others through their humility, honesty, compassion, respect, integrity and hope.

Inspire every child to be healthy and happy remembering that every child deserves to fulfil their potential and to do this they need to know how to look after their bodies: physically; mentally; emotionally and spiritually.


As a Church of England Primary School we are proud to root our ethos and vision in Christian Values.

Our core values were established at our first ever values day in March 2014, where each year group chose one or more core values which mature through the school. For instance children in reception focus on generosity. Whilst this is not cast aside at the end of their reception year, in year 1 children further develop it through introducing a new core value of forgiveness and so by the time children leave the school they have focused upon all of the following: friendship; generosity; forgiveness (and saying sorry); trust and honesty; endurance; hope; respect; compassion; justice; peace; humility and courage.

The children also felt it important that staff, governors and parent helpers should not only model all of these values, but should also be expected to model service, wisdom and integrity in all they do.

Each year group has worked with their class teacher to come up with rules that link to their core value and it is understood that whilst a reception child may not be expected to have the emotional maturity to adhere to the rules for older children, there is absolutely no exception when it comes to older children adhering to the rules set by younger children.

To read the school’s Christian vision and values click on the link below

Grayrigg CE School Core Values